PlayStation Mobile Update – 3rd June 2015

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There may have been something of a drought over on the main part of the PSN Store of late for the PS Vita, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to PlayStation Mobile. This week there are an astonishing TWENTY new releases hitting the platform with something for everyone. The only difficult thing that gamers will have is choosing what to buy from everything that is on offer!

New Releases

  • Air HockeyZ: Zoo of Madness (Pixel Bones Studios) – Air hockey with creatures as CPU controlled opponents!
  • Appli Archives Boosim Lab Mini Game Pack (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile games compilation
  • Appli Archives IDAC Escape Game Pack 8 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile games compilation
  • Appli Archives NIKOLI Slitherlink 5 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile games compilation
  • Appli Archives TEAM RISE Vol 7 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile games compilation
  • Cube Runner (Wilco van den Brink) – endless runner
  • Curse of the Crescent Isle DX (Adam Mowery) – platform game
  • EP Alien Attack! (EP Games) – Space Invader inspired shooter
  • Flappy Birds (Simon Rybicki)
  • Fragment’s Note (ULLUCUS HEAVEN Inc) – Visual novel
  • Joy Rider (Banshee TKi) – free roaming driving game
  • Kyutain (te3tn) – single screen shooter
  • Live Streaming Tweet (Matsudamper) – Twitter app
  • Pirates vs Monsters (LostVision Gamestudio) – arcade platform game
  • Pixel Poops (yyrGames) – Atari 2600 styled arcade game
  • RetroBall (Kong) – platform game
  • The Call Of The West (Thornbury Software) – 3D adventure
  • The Impossible Platformer (Boris Rulz) – level-based endless runner
  • Wing Warriors (FranMatsusaka) – bullet hell shooter
  • Zen Cat Simulator (XIXGames) – doesn’t really need a description!

While we can’t comment on the game itself, The Call Of The West is notable for being the most expensive PSM title ever released, coming in at a staggering £23.99! We hope that this price is a store error and not the actual intended price for the game.


  • Vacc-Balls-Chin (Booby Trap Ltd)

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