PlayStation Mobile Update – 25th March 2015

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It’s yet another packed week for PSM enthusiasts with some spectacular updates and price drops hitting the store thanks to Vita Player favourite Thomas Hopper as well as another healthy selection of new releases…

New Releases

  • A Healer Only Lives Twice (Satoshi Hamano) – RPG
  • Appli Archives Extreme Pairon Mobile 3 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile games compilation
  • Catch Up TV Film Guide (Chair Warming Facility) – self explanatory app!
  • Edge Escape (LostVision Gamestudio)
  • Emil’s Task (Inukage Games) – top down JRPG
  • Gravity Anomaly Zone (Mukagosoftware Development) – third person shooter from the developer of Bloodred Wyvern
  • QR Editor (Matsudamper) – another app that’s pretty easy to figure out!
  • Racing Line (Craig Greenway) – 3D racer
  • Tribute (Simone Serra)


  • Calculator (Matsudamper) – we don’t know the exact name of this app but it hasn’t been translated for the EU Store!
  • Disillusions Manga Horror (Stephen Allen)
  • Eternal Interceptor Bit (Team Redherring)
  • Floribund (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • King Bean (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Meltdown Moon (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Photo Edit (Matsudamper)
  • Radiant Flux (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Ryujin (c minor rookie)
  • Sea Run (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Shuttle Quest 2000 (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • SPIKE Says (Niels Vriezen)
  • Super Skull Smash GO! (TACS Games) – major price drop
  • Super Tank Poker (TACS Games) – major price drop

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  1. Those were the only ones featured in the EU Store in this week’s update. The price drop update for Journey To The Wind was picked up in the update last week and if I remember right the update to Virtual Terminal was picked up in an earlier news story.

    Usually we get all the update information directly from the store itself rather than updates posted by Sony as we prefer to work in a “real world” situation when it comes to PSM titles. Going by the EU blog, several titles have been released in the Solbrain series over the last few months but none of these have actually appeared in the store!


    • I know it is not in the “Latest” section, but two of my titles are now 50% off. So I don’t know if there are others, but SCEE does not want to re-list them in the latest as it is only 50% off… I’m not sure but they are upset with me and decided not to advertise my titles. Or they don’t want to because they were updated March 24th… who knows. PSM is a poor program when it comes to communication.

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