PlayStation Mobile Update – 25th June 2014

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After a quiet couple of weeks, there has been an abundance of action over on the PSN Store in relation to PlayStation Mobile today with no fewer than NINE brand new releases for the much-maligned format as well as a few updates to some old favourites so without wasting any more time let’s round up what’s available…

New Releases

A massive nine new games and apps are available from some new developers and a few familiar faces. Expect reviews soon of as many of these as possible.

  • COSMOS – Coderion
  • Fat DragonsNostatic Software
  • Frog Ninja – YUME Crawlers
  • Instant Dungeon! – Scott Matott
  • MUSYNC – Inferno
  • Pop Bugs Zap – Henchmen Interactive
  • Raina – SeazDevelop
  • Subway Run – Adam De Broeck
  • Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones – Action Button Entertainment LLC


  • Nunnageddon – now up to version 1.50, the main feature I can identify is that Leaderboard support has now been removed at the request of Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Penguin Party – updated to version 1.11, the pricing structure for the game has been revised and more levels are now available freely to all players as well as the game receiving something of a facelift.

PSM Runtime Package

This has now been updated to version 2.00 to accommodate the public release of Unity for PlayStation Mobile. In light of this we believe that it’s only a matter of time before the first Unity based PSM titles start to appear…

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