PlayStation Mobile Update – 1st October 2014

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It’s been another busy week for PlayStation Mobile with more new games and updates with yet another sprinkling of new devlopers appearing on the PSM scene as well as a few familiar faces making a showing with some of their latest titles. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at what’s been released this time around…

New Releases

  • Ocean Craft Multiplayer (Stephen Allen) – an underwater shoot-em-up from the author of Raptor RPG but with an online multiplayer mode!
  • Beauty Weather (Sun Pengfei) – the second weather app to hit PSM.
  • Down In The Valley (Blackjack21) – first person shooter
  • Eternal Interceptor (Team Redherring) – vertically scrolling bullet hell shooter
  • JAC’s Bowling (James Collins) – ten pin bowling with a choice of venues
  • Soulbrain II – Ruins (Lightning Game Studios) – same game as Soulbrain I but with different visuals and same limited gameplay

A seventh title, Simple Dice Roller, was mentioned on the EU PlayStation Blog but wasn’t actually released.


  • MUSYNC – updated to version 1.08
  • Flight World Simulator – updated to version 1.01. PSM’s largest title so set aside some time for this one!
  • Pocket Defense – updated to version 2.00

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  1. “Ocean Craft Multiplayer (Stephen Allen)”

    🙂 15 players in one map total, and it may be doubling next update as tests I’ve done proves it can go a lot higher than 15, i think its PSM largest online multiplayer so far ^_^
    Cross platform, 3D, crafting etc etc, check out the description and screenshots in the store, as always, my games are cheap £1 or less. Just enough to run servers and buy me a packet of noodles at the end of the week. 🙂

    Keep up the good work VitaPlayer!

  2. I was actually surprised when I saw the multiplayer function and can’t wait to try this out before I write the review!

    • My two multiplayer games are my biggest sellers on other platforms, but i was hesitant to bring it to PSM as the review and publish time is huge, almost 4 weeks for OCM.
      Each persons game needs to be on same version so having updates released at same time on all 4 platforms is very difficult >_< but it all seems to be going well so far.

      The past few nights some maps have had the full 15 players in them, sadly this is when I'm sleeping, so must be America or Japans 'Peak' time, i look forward to any of my games reviews, if you do them! ^_^

  3. Jack, the “dev” behind Down in the Valley here. I just wanted to let you know that I just submitted an update that reduces the file size (from 230 MB to 90 MB) and fixes a glitch in the gameplay.

    Also, you seem to be a fan of old arcade type games. I hope you like my upcoming game, “1 Chicken 2 Bullets (1C2B)”. It has already been reviewed and approved, but as Steve mentioned, it takes a while for games to make it to the store even after approval. So, it may not hit the store for another 2-3 weeks.

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