PlayStation Mobile Update – 10th June 2015

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It’s been another busy week for PlayStation Mobile fans with a health selection of new releases and plenty of updates to older titles as developers are rushing to get the final tweaks to their games before the July deadline approaches. While it hasn’t been as busy as last week, there’s still enough variety for everyone and more than enough to give die-hard PSM fans a tough time of completing their collections before next month…

New Releases

  • 4fun (Cafe Game Studio)
  • Appli Archives extreme Pairon Mobile 7 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game collection
  • Appli Archives NIKOLI Slitherlink 6 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game collection
  • Appli Archives TEAM RISE Vol 8 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game collection
  • Appli Archives TEAM RISE Vol 9 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game collection
  • Aqualibrium (Archifishal Software)
  • Archery (Thornbury Software)
  • Bat King (Cafe Game Studio)
  • EP Search and Find (EP Games)
  • Dynamite Dude (Kelvin Moreaux)
  • Fruit Duals (XTeam Software Solutions) – puzzle game
  • Grid Survivor (Cafe Game Studio) – shoot-em-up
  • Merry Christmas Lady Santa (Pachytene Studio) – third person arcade game with robots, explosions and Christmas presents!
  • Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode (xinoro) – 3D RPG
  • Super Space Serpent (petrus)
  • Tilt-A-Maze (James Collins) – 3D maze puzzle


  • A Healer Only Lives Twice (Satoshi Hamano)
  • Chiebura (Mountpunch)
  • dong (Garrett Lenk)
  • FLIPS (emegeme)
  • SPIKE Says (Niels Vriezen)
  • Tobipen (Booby Trap Ltd)
  • Tobipen Fly (Booby Trap Ltd)


One thing that has happened this week is something that has shocked all of us here at Vita Player. While not a new development in terms of PlayStation Mobile, there was a shock on the PSN Store when a brand new game was released as part of the Minis range – the first in two years. This will no doubt cause anger and frustration amongst the PSM developer community seeing games released for such an old format despite PlayStation Mobile being dropped less than three years after launch with a significantly larger software library.

One final thing this week… while many PlayStation Mobile developers have been slashing the prices of their games in the final months of the service to maximise sales including Thomas Hopper, Stephen Allen, Rocking Pocket Games and many more but one developer has made the shocking decision to increase the price of all of their games.

It comes as no surprise to us here at Vita Player that this developer is Lightning Game Studios. The increases vary from title to title and ehile some games have doubled in price, several have increased by approximately 300% to an astonishing £11.99. The majority of their games are now selling at either this price point or £4.49. The only exception is Steamlands although as its origins lie with another developer entirely this is understandable.

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  1. LOL Lightning Game studios has been both funny and annoying these past few months.
    Thanks for the mention!

    Remember to check out Hill Cliff Horse as it was remade, and Raptor RPG has a HUGE multiplayer that unlocks halfway through finishing the single player missions.
    It has a max of 32 Players i each server/game, if it wasn’t cross-platform, and that i make it work on old devices such as iPods (girlfriends still uses her iPod touch from a few years ago) then i’d be able to increase the 32 max player limit, vita runs it fine when its maxed out 🙂
    Still in process of getting a game on native Vita, can’t say too much, but hopefully it won’t be too long now 🙂

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