PlayStation Mobile Closure Update – 16th March 2015

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Not an update on the service specifically, but a big update for gamers who either love PlayStation Mobile or for those who haven’t taken the plunge and tried any PSM titles yet (shame on you). Two developers have now confirmed that they have are dropping the prices on all of their titles in the PSN Store with immediate effect between now and July when all PSM titles are withdrawn from sale. As these games will still be available for use after this time, there is no excuse for you to pop over to the store on your Vita now and grab some great bargains. We expect many more developers to follow suit in the coming weeks and announce discount offers on their games but the first two who have confirmed sales are Thomas Hopper (TACS Games) and Stephen Allen. The games set to be discounted are:

Thomas Hopper

  • Console Saga
  • Floribund
  • King Bean
  • Meltdown Moon
  • Out Of Mind
  • Radiant Flux
  • Sea Run
  • Shuttle Quest 2000
  • Still Life
  • Super Brain Eat 3
  • Super Skull Smash GO!
  • Super Tank Poker

Stephen Allen

  • Disillusions Manga Horror
  • Hill Cliff Horse
  • Ocean Craft Multiplayer
  • Raptor RPG

We don’t have confirmed prices on these at this time, but it is Thomas’ intention to drop prices on all of his titles to the lowest possible that the store will allow so we expect all of these to retail at 40p each. We believe that Stephen is offering all of his games at half price.

If you’re still not sure about PlayStation Mobile but want to give the format a try before the games disappear forever, we’ll be bringing you a daily run-down of 100 of our favourite PlayStation Mobile games over the next couple of months so keep checking the site regularly!

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  1. I’ll probably pick up Console Saga and Super Tank Poker. It’s going to be a real pain scouring through all the categories trying to figure out if something has come down in price.

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