Oddworld: New, Tasty, Delayed but still coming to Vita

‘Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty has been expected to arrive on Vita since earlier this year, but no news has been forthcoming, leading some to question even the existence of the port.

However, the Developer has taken to their blog to explain the delays in porting the title to PS3 and Vita.

The Developer says

Fitting the expansive worlds of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty into the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita has proved to be something of a challenge. The relatively limited RAM available to us has meant we’re having to break down some of the huge scrolling areas seen in the PC and PS4 versions whilst ensuring we retain the same great gameplay.

In addition the developer has said there is further work to do on getting the Vita version to run at its native resolution, and to improve the fidelity levels of some of the lights, graphics and animation.

The delays have been blamed on the inability for a small team to devote the resource necessary to this project. No revised date has been specified in the post, presumably so as not to raise expectations, but it would seem that Vita fans shouldn’t expect the release until well into 2015.

As an aside, the developer confirmed that Munch’s Odyssey HD is in the final stages of QA testing with Sony.

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