No PS5 Remote Play for PS Vita


For reasons unknown to the public (other than Sony being Sony), it’s been confirmed that the PS5 won’t feature remote play with the Playstation Vita.

If you were one of the people who were hoping to take their latest-gen gaming to the loo, I’m afraid you’re in for a rude awakening. And I don’t mean the continued toilet paper shortages of 2020.

We kind of saw it coming, but a new update to the Remote Play app, as well as some other minor updates, gave the game up.

Want more info? Here’s a video from our good friend 2 old 4 gaming on the matter:

The most disappointing, but perhaps not surprising, thing about this is that it’s a totally arbitrary decision. Since all of the actual game stuff happens on the PS5, the Vita only needs to stream a video signal from the PS5 to itself.

The process is no different whether it’s running on a PS4, PS5 or PS25.

But of course, Sony could not pass up an opportunity to take a dump on Vita fans.

One more for the books, I guess.


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