New Guides Coming To Vita Player In 2015

Vita Player Site Update

We’re always trying to expand the website and add fresh content to bring you the information you need to get the most out of your PS Vita or PlayStation TV. While we have a few Top 10 guides, our Remote Play guide and other features we have been continually asked for more so we’re working on a new series to add to the site for 2015.

While we won’t list them all right now (so we can keep a few surprises for later in the year), we’ve listened to your comments here on the site, on Twitter and looked at the search terms people use to find the site to see what you want from us so in the near future we’ll be bringing you:

  • Top 20 PlayStation TV Games – a guide to the must-have games on Sony’s micro-console
  • Cross Play Guide – a guide to all the PS Vita games that support Cross Save and Cross Play
  • Memory Card Guide – first in a series of user guides designed to help get the most out of using the PS Vita and PSTV
  • Top 10 Zen Pinball 2 Tables – it’s one of our favourite pinball games but with over 50 tables to choose from this should help you decide

Expect to see the first of these and more very soon and if you have any ideas please get in touch…

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