NA June Flash Sale!

I remember seeing this as an opportunity to bulk up my digital collection.

After poor showings during the past few weekly sales here in North America, SCEA have decided to grace us with a flash sale! It’s RPG mania, with some interesting titles. The excellent Sword Art Online is on sale, as well as the recently released Tales Of Hearts R (which has also been received positively). Little King’s Story provides great bang for buck in terms of gameplay hours. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 was one of my favorite games of last year.

All in all, a decent sale, with good prices! Will you be picking anything up? I did grab Tales of Hearts R and the much maligned Dungeon Hunter: Alliance.

  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance – $6.75
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1 – $6.00
  • Mind Zero – $10.00
  • Monster Monpiece – $4.00
  • New Little King’s Story – $5.00
  • Pocket RPG – $5.25
  • Soul Sacrifice – $4.50
  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – $14.00
  • Tales of Hearts R – $14.00


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  1. We don’t get any Flash Sales here in the EU sadly, but it has to be said that we’re in the middle of a fantastic sale on Japanese games with some titles being sold for up to 85% off. While we’re getting the usual reductions on all of the Final Fantasy games, there are price drops for all of the Ys series, Castlevania, and plenty of JRPGs across the PS One, PSP and native Vita games. The only problem I’ve had to deal with is having to choose to stick within the limit to what cash I had left in my PSN account but there have been some real stunners up for grabs!

    • Yes! When I saw the EU Store Update for this week I was like “Damn, that looks AMAZING!”, haha.

      But I’ve been hunting for a copy of Dungeon Hunter here in my town for about 6 months, so I jumped on the opportunity here. And Tales of Hearts R was a no brainer.

      I went a bit over my limit as well, haha.

      • For major titles like those I prefer to go down the physical route no matter how cheap the game is. I prefer physical copies over digital anyway no matter what but with PlayStation Plus and my ever expanding digital collection, storage space is always at a premium so I don’t mind paying extra.

        Also, I want to support retail as much as possible to show that there’s a demand for Vita products on the high street.

          • I’m in quite a fortunate position really as gaming is my main hobby now and certainly the one where I spend money on compared to anything else. If I had any other interests that cost money it would be different but I’m lucky to be able to focus on my retail collection.

            I usually end up getting games as presents at Christmas and for my birthday as well!

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