Most Popular PC Games To Play In Ireland Without Having To Download Anything

There are times in life when all we really would like is nothing more than to unwind our minds from the hectic realities of our daily lives. Many choose gaming as their go-to way to relax after a busy day at work, and why not video games are engaging, rewarding and a really fun way to kill time.

Unfortunately, not all of us have super gaming rigs or frankly the time and storage needed to download games. On the bright side, one can find loads of games to play on the PC that do not require any sort of download!

With that being said let’s dive into our most popular picks for zero download gaming in Ireland!

This slithery game is fun, free to play and as typical with .io games super easy to grasp! In you play as a tiny worm. This multiplayer game will have you slithering around a designated area looking to gobble up “food” in order to grow in size.

One must beware of the bigger worms in who will make you their lunch and ultimately get you to start from square one. Similarly, you can munch on the little guys to enlarge your character.

Zombs Royale

Looking for a quick battle royale game, look no further! Zombs Royale is super straightforward to grasp and adds trapping elements from games such as PUBG. As typical for battle royale games, you start with a large zone that starts to shrink down.

You will have to scavenge for loot, kill other players, and try to outlive the 99 players in the lobby to be crowned champion! Unlike most battle royale games, Zombs Royale is incredibly fast-paced which is great if you are only looking to kill just a couple of minutes and other players.

Casino Games

This one is a little generic and for good reason. Today one can find super fun Irish online casinos offering a crazy amount of games requiring zero downloads. Although these sites will require a sign-up and in certain cases a deposit to begin playing.

One can find several online casinos offering free-to-play games where one can grasp several casino skill games such as poker and blackjack.

Online casinos are great to kill time and even spare a little change on the various slot machines available! Many enjoy the gaming experiences to be had online and they’re online getting better.

If you want to be spoiled for choice when it comes to zero download games online casinos are something you should definitely check out.

Next on the list is another Zombs game.  Unlike Zombs Royale, this game is a survival-based game similar to “survive the night”. Your objective is simple… SURVIVE!

This is quite a moderately hard game which will have you building a base, build up defences, farm up resources and await the unholy night full of undead terrors seeking to destroy your base and ultimately make your lunch.

That’s not all, if you think you’re safe during the daytime you’re dead wrong. Io games are multiplayer and players will raid bases for quick loot so beware! This game for some reason has some resemblance to Life of Pixel.

Card Hunter

If you’re a fan of Dungeons & Dragons you will definitely appreciate this video game title. Fairly straightforward this game will have you collecting decks of cards and overall have you feeling nostalgic. The game’s graphics are a mix between old school and new school which works out nicely.

Just like D&D you collect cards that will help you to improve your party’s heroes and are essential to assign weapons, trinkets and armour to continue your adventures!

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is as well as it sounds, the aim of the game is to collect cookies well. This game is for those looking for games with little to no brain power needed. You start off with a giant cookie which you will need to click to gain smaller cookies which will be the in-game currency.

These mini cookies are used to purchase upgrades like automatic clickers, grandmas that produce cookies and once you collect a good chunk of cookie temples to produce thousands of cookies per second.


Zero download games are becoming increasingly popular, yet still nowhere close to the Nintendo Switch which has surpassed the PS4 in sales. That being said, most of these games are free to play and are great, cheap and fun ways to kill time or unwind!

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