Maze In Space Heading To PS Vita

Maze In Space PS Vita
Indie developer CaveBrave is set to bring their debut puzzle game Maze In Space to the PS Vita shortly. Maxim Fefilov, from CaveBrave, explains more about the upcoming title…

“Our game, as a time-killer, designed to take a gamer for a exciting experience, familiar to all of us since childhood: Holding the ball through the maze, avoiding dangerous holes.
We certainly could make huge amount of plastic boxes and sell them on the subway for 15 pennies apiece, but, as you know, progress is not standing still. Progress progresses, mutate, and sometimes does steps aside. So we have chosen these winding paths, using a gyroscope of a PS Vita and sending our maze into space.

Digital world opens much more opportunities for a maze creator. For example, you can make an interesting plot, add the ability to shoot and – of course – smart and strong enemies.

We are limited to the traditional gameplay variety of mazes for a while. Some labyrinths you will play against time, in some – to collect the required items or search button to remove this or that, but always a goddamn wall.

In fact, with the proper skill in the use of this console the game can be completed in half an hour. On the other hand, how can it be considered completed until you gather three stars in each level by the power of the Total Coin Robbery?

We hope you like the music that we decided to put in this little project. In general, it seems to me, we have collected a decent game with pretty decent lebel design, decent unity code and decent music with obvious goals and clear interface. So we are waiting for when it will be on sale. I hope that any of you will join us in this expectation.”

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