Marvel’s Avengers PS4 is not coming to Vita… but we still have a lot to play with

Marvel movies and characters have become a big part of our lives. Individual characters have become icons. Marvel Studio and their characters have become so famous that even shops that sell exclusively Marvel branded products started to pop up: T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, pens, pillows, bags, everything you can think of.

Not only will you come across your favorite characters on the shelves in the shops, but also in the gambling industry. Developers and online gambling operators have already introduced the Marvel-themed online casino slots, which are extremely popular among the players. Almost every Avenger character has its own slot game. 

On the other hand, if you’re a Vita fanatic, you’ll likely be aware of the fact that there isn’t really all that much to play when it comes to enjoying the Marvel universe. Or is there? I’m personally a big fan of the Ultimate Alliance games, two of which are on PSP, but availability on the PSN store is an issue. As is the case with other games: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is arguably one of the best 2D Fighters ever made, and while you can snag a (very pricey) physical copy online, a digital version is sometimes a pain to get due to licensing restrictions. Even more annoying: the new Ultimate Alliance game is a Switch exclusive. I own a Switch, but I don’t much like the idea of exclusives. Speaking of which…

Marvel’s Avengers Preview

Avengers once again are assembling on console and PC. The Marvel’s Avengers game release is scheduled for September 4, 2020. The new game by Crystal Dynamics Studio is both similar and different to the film. You will be able to choose the character you like the most. Every character present in Endgame will be available in the game as well, along with the features that make them unique: The Hulk will still be one of the strongest characters, while the main advantage of Thor will be the hammer he is so proud of. The hammer will be a very important plot point in the game as well.

Captain America and his shield will also be present in the game, and the shield will be just as important as it is in the movie. Black Widow is another very interesting character both in the movie as well as in the game. Natasha Romanova is one of the most important team members and she is also one of the best characters to play with. Other fan favorites include Spider-Man, and of course, Iron Man himself. 

The game starts at the A-Day point. This happens in New York, and there are two possible plots in the game. There is the war zone and there is the hero mission. In the war mission, you can play one of the characters in the team and develop the narrative. In the hero mission, you will be unlocking the levels while focusing on one main character, the main hero of the mission. 

Your progress in the game is measured by the skill points, which are accumulated during the game. The skill points and trees define your playstyle, this includes your moves and capabilities.

The main villain of the game is the “Advanced Idea Mechanics” aka AIM. The whole time you are fighting against the bad guys who think that science can save the world, though before saving it needs to be destroyed. During the game, you are free in modifications as well. You can change the outfits and utilize your character. This can be done in two ways. You can either buy the items and modernize the hero or unlock some of them. 

One more great action from the developer is that we can once again pay tribute to Stan Lee in the game, the author of our Marvel memories. 


Of course, we need to wait and see what the game is like, and while it’s a disappointment not to be able to have a Vita release, it’s understandable at this point. Vita has been dead to Sony for years. However, you’ll most likely be able to Remote Play the game from your PS4 to your Vita, which is something I’ve seen people do with games like Final Fantasy VII Remake. It looks glorious on the OLED screen in particular (though you need a pretty beefy wi-fi connection).

I’m a fan of these newer licensed games, and I’ve even gone back to revisit older ones. A lot of them hold up well. Let’s hope that this new Avengers game capitalizes on the quality of the films, and makes for a good outing on the PS4. I mean, Spider-Man’s latest was pretty good, so fingers crossed!

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