“Life of Pixel” Enhanced Edition coming from PSM to Vita in 2015

Life of Pixel Playstation Mobile 46

Super Icon Ltd have revealed that they are going to be launching an enhanced version of their PS Mobile hit “Life of Pixel” for the PS Vita in 2015.

The developer confirmed on Twitter that the new game will use the power of the Vita to its fullest extent, bringing trophies and leaderboards into the equation.

In addition, the developer confirmed to Vita Player that the game will be heavily enhanced, with new machines, secret areas and lots of additional content.

The original game was an early hit for the PS Mobile format, and one that we are especially fond of here at Vita Player. The game is a platformer, with levels st in the style of a number of retro machines. “Life of Pixel” is particularly appealing to the UK gamer, with references to the ZX81, Spectrum and Acorn machines amongst others. We can’t wait to see the final results in 2015.

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