Is It Possible to Play CS:GO Well on PS Vita?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games across the globe. Not only does it have a mass fan following, but it also is a favourite for audiences ranging from novice to veterans. Today, we are venturing into a new question regarding this game – can you play CS:GO well on your PS Vita?

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To know if we can play CS:GO well on the PS Vita, we’ll need to look at the specifications required by CS:GO and the ones available on the PS Vita. Then we’ll make a quick comparison of the game’s feel and the convenience and accessibility. Finally, we’ll put forward our verdict. Thus, let’s dive right into the elephant in the room – does the PS Vita offer a good CS:GO experience?

What Are the Requirements of CS:GO Game?

The game requirements of CS:GO for the PC version are minimal by today’s standards and easily accessible:

CPU Core™2 Duo Processor E6600 2.4 GHz or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 2.4 GHz processor.
GPU Any video card with 256 MB of VRAM or higher
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Shader 3.0
OS XP or higher

From the above table, it’s easily conceivable that CS:GO will run seamlessly on a PS Vita. Additionally, with the new addition of its OpenGL port, the PS Vita can offer a gaming experience unlike ever before. This upgrade has made the Vita more reliable and a better match for players who like to dive right into the game. The upgrade brings in:

  • Expanded memory mode makes it possible to utilise an additional 109 MB of RAM, and recent vitaGL improvements have improved stability.
  • An updated launcher interface that supports multiple screen resolutions for game scaling.
  • Improvements to stability and performance generally.
  • Enhancements to analogue and touch controls.
  • Assistance with Counter-Strike.
  • Standard bug fixes.

However, before deciding whether or not the PS Vita will allow you to play CS:GO well, we need to take a quick peek into the features that can add value.

PS Vita – Gaming on the Go

OLED Screen

Like the original PSP, Vita’s incredible screen technology astounded players and critics when it first launched. The gorgeous five-inch OLED display on Sony’s handheld can compete with many TVs thanks to its vibrant colours and high contrast levels.

Touch Panel

Now that the Vita is in its second year, its touch screen and rear touch panel are finally being utilised more effectively. The updates have stabilised its interface and helped you better engage with active games like CS:GO. The touch panel offers single-point accessibility to multiple game functions.

Packed with Power

While now a decade old, the Vita is still a potent portable device because of its quad-core processor and quad-core GPU. The Vita is an ideal handheld system for existing library, emulation and it’s homebrew scene including ports like CS:GO.

Impeccable Remote Play

Sony’s Remote Play function was initially introduced on the PSP several years ago. Still, it didn’t function well, and only a small number of PS3 games supported it. However, since Remote Play was incorporated into the PlayStation 4, practically all PS4 titles are playable on the Vita through WiFi. The game is played on PlayStation 4 hardware, which sends a video signal to your network and feeds it via WiFi to the Vita.

The Big Question: Will CS:GO Fly on the Vita?

Our verdict is yes. The PS Vita, in simple terms, is a power-packed module that can run heavy titles. Compared to the same, CS:GO should run like a breeze. Vita’s enhanced capabilities and nifty size make it one of the best platforms to sit and launch CS:GO on. The OLED screen is a boon to the gaming experience as players don’t have to compromise on the visual quality of their game either. Thus, you needn’t be worried about getting no-scoped out of the blue or lags that get you killed. Vita’s touch panel is the icing on the cake for players worldwide. It adds to the immersive experience of the Vita and puts you right in the middle of the battlefield.

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