How To Create A PS Vita YouTube Video

We’ve spent a lot of time showcasing much of the video content from our YouTube channel here on the Vita Player website. Talking about games on the PlayStation Vita and sharing our views is all well and good. But sometimes being able to see titles in action for yourselves means that it’s easier to make an informed decision when it comes to buying games. So when we relaunched our channel last year we knew we wanted to add PS Vita coverage to it. But without video output, just how do we do it? And what process do we go through to when we create a PS Vita YouTube video? Find out now…

Choosing The Games

As the Infinite Frontiers YouTube channel isn’t just devoted PS Vita games, we have to try to keep content varied all the time. In addition to material from our archives dating back to the 1990s and our conventions from 2000-2015, we want it to be quite diverse. We’ve got vlogs, toy reviews, and when it comes to gaming we’ve got modern and retro game reviews across a range of platforms. So each time we create a PS Vita YouTube video we have to make sure that it compliments our existing content.

So when it comes to choosing what game to review, there are a few things we have to consider. First, I usually look to see what games we’ve received review codes for recently. We have to give priority for these for coverage but then decide which are better suited for the website, or a more visual medium. Next, we look at what we’ve covered on the channel recently. Unless we’re doing a themed series of videos – arcade, retro, casino or any other genre – then I don’t want to review dozens of the same type of game back-to-back.

Once I have a mental shortlist of a few that I’d like to cover (including PSP or PSOne games that are Vita compatible) from there it’s then a case of checking to see which games are compatible with the PlayStation TV as I move on to the second stage…

The Footage

Unusually, unlike other YouTubers, I start off with the gameplay footage first. Typically once I’ve got my chosen game ready I’ll start recording a gaming session of about an hour. Even for short-burst arcade games, I’ll get the same amount of footage, playing the game repeatedly or trying different game modes just to get as much variety as I can. Most importantly though I’ll record the game right from the moment it starts to load so I capture the game’s title screen and intro sequence if there is one incase I decide to use excerpts from that in the final YouTube video.

I use the PlayStation TV to get footage so everything needs to run on that. It does limit me slightly but I’ve still got access to the vast majority of the Vita’s library. What it does mean is that everything I record is captured at 720p quality which is good enough for a HD YouTube stream while still keeping the file sizes relatively manageable. One thing that I do make sure of when I’m capturing video is that I record from a number of games in a single recording session. While it means that I spend more time on the PSTV initially, it saves time in the long run.

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