How to Become Security+ Certified through CompTIA SY0-501 Exam and Practice Tests


Every organization or business needs skilled security professionals. Constantly, there are serious threats to data and systems and if these aren’t checked, they can lead to grave system failures or even the risk of critical data loss. That’s why a strong career to consider in the IT field is as a security-oriented professional.

Presenting your skills in the area is totally possible through passing the CompTIA SY0-501 exam that is developed for candidates yearning to get certified in CompTIA Security+, and whose responsibility would be to ensure safety through their cybersecurity skills.

As you may have understood, the focus of the article is on this SY0-501 exam and how you can train to get accordingly certified, with the support of practice tests. 

How Exam SY0-501 Helps You Become Qualified in CompTIA Security+?

The test is designed to equip and assess your skills mastered in specific cybersecurity areas. This means that before taking the exam, you’ll have to go through extensive periods of study. You need to learn the given Network+ N10-007 exam topics and concepts to help you pass the test with flying colors. Summarising, these are the key areas you’ll need to become proficient:

  • Detection of compromises and knowledge of penetration testing as well as concepts for vulnerability testing
  • Installation and configuration of identity as well as access services together with control services for management
  • Performing network components on installation and deployment in the course of troubleshooting items that support organization’s safety
  • Implementation and collection of advanced assessment for risk management
  • Implementation of concepts as well as the systems’ design for secure network infrastructure
  • Installing and configuring security settings for wireless

Once you’ve gone through these concepts and have grasped them in depth, the next step towards achieving your certification would be taking the exam. This SY0-501 test includes 90 items to be answered within the allocated 90 minutes time limit. The performance-based and multiple-choice tasks should equal altogether to at least 750 points out of 900. This step typically involves an exam fee of $339.

Importantly, you’ll need to be certified with CompTIA Network+ beforehand to become eligible for this assessment. Another solid pre-requirement is having experience of not less than 2 years in the security field. If you meet these prerequisites and have studied through the topics, you can bravely go ahead to win your exam! 

How to Prepare for CompTIA SY0-501 Exam?

Your ultimate goal to become CompTIA Security+ certified can’t begin from anywhere. So, let’s start with the target to acquire the certification. The following step should be searching for more reliable information on your desired exam. Once you’ve found the details, you may register and begin your SY0-501 test preparation. But what exactly do you need to do to ensure you’re well prepared for the assessment you wish to take? Below are several tips on how you can get ready to pass it.

  1. Know Exam Concepts Involved

So, the CompTIA test seeks to evaluate your ability in performing particular data protection activities with an intention to understand them thoroughly. Knowledge of all the exam aspects will help immensely. With that in mind, the CompTIA official exam website is the best place to obtain the details for your exam as well as the topics requiring your attention.

  1. Decide What Exam Study Methods to Use

We all have preferences in learning and preparing for any assessments and challenges involved. These inclinations are mostly based on how we consume and process information or data that’s available to us. When it comes to exam preparation, some candidates chose to enroll in guided study courses, while others may select to go for individual learning.

PrepAway’s methods, for instance, in SY0-501 Premium Bundle include exam SY0-501 a great video course, a 655-page study guide, and 696 questions and answers for the test altogether! Whatever approach you go for, ensure it works perfectly for you. Here are the official tools specific to this CompTIA exam that you are highly recommended to use:

  • Video Preparation with ITProTV for Security+
  • Instructor-Led Courses
  • CompTIA CertMaster Labs
  • Security+ Study Guides
  1. Create a Plan to Help You Study

Pursuing any goal without a structured time-phased plan to backup you can lead to failure. This development isn’t just something to be ignored as it’s a critical part of every preparation. Your schedule should take into consideration factors like titles of topics, their specifics and difficulty, ensuring you take adequate breaks in-between and when do you expect to complete them.

Pay attention also to when and how to carry out your physical activities outside your studies. This background work will pay off in the end by equipping you with confidence and having the right mindset prior to the exam. 

Take Advantage of CompTIA SY0-501 Practice Tests on PrepAway

Full topic coverage through study guides or courses may not be sufficient in gaining the everything you so need to pass the exam fully. This is where you’ll need to keep checking your levels of readiness and understanding through the use of CompTIA SY0-501 Premium File with it’s sample questions. These are packed with essential explanations that allow you to train yourself well before the exam. Taking advantage of this and using the files from and using it regularly you’ll be able to practice until you feel confident. In addition, this 3-in-one package includes a training course, and a study guide.

Moreover, at PrepAway you can opt for free CompTIA SY0-501 practice tests opened easily through the ETE Player.


The CompTIA Security+ credential is, without doubt, one of the leading qualifications required from those seeking for cybersecurity jobs. No professional can afford to miss such an opportunity that provides with an edge for your chosen career path. That’s why you should take your CompTIA SY0-501 exam seriously. With the great prep materials available such as practice tests, you’re going to be ensured of passing it and so have a successful IT professional.

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