Handhelds Like the Vita Are a Blessing for Bedridden People

A lot of people underestimate what a gaming device can bring to a person. Sure, it’s a glorified toy. But it’s also the key to access a plethora of artistic expression, escapism and more. I’m a bit on the sickly side, and every time I have to spend a few days or weeks in bed, I’m reminded of how wonderful handheld gaming devices are for people who have to stay in bed.

Your Own Little World

Some people prefer a big-screen TV for immersion. I personally find much more intimacy in the physical proximity between my hands and the controllers, my eyes and the screen. I almost feel like the Vita is a sort of pet that keeps me company when I’m sick. There’s also a ton of unique experiences I only got to know thanks to the Vita. Sure, the same thing happens on other devices. I have a cheap Chromebook lying around, and I get to do some writing on it, have a flutter on £2 deposit casino uk, watch a movie, whatever.

But when it comes to playing games, and discovering new games, the Vita and similar handhelds are just unbeatable when you’re bedridden. A few years ago I got admitted into hospital with food poisoning, and spent three or four solid days playing The Swindle. It’s a game that perhaps I wouldn’t have thought of enjoying that much, but when I got into it, it made the days fly by. I really looked forward to playing it (and not much more, I was pretty ill).

The Handheld Experience Today

Same thing happened a couple of years back. I was going through a lot of stuff, mentally, and I just had to stop. I got COVID to spice things up further. So I thought I’d give Stardew Valley a shot. People kept saying how peaceful it was, how chill it was. And mentally, that’s what I needed.

Lo-and-behold, I had a great time with Stardew Valley. I spent about 2 weeks on and off, mostly in bed, growing my farm, selling overpriced flowers, and not buying cattle once I realized they were a pretty poor financial proposition. Eventually, I started feeling better, and started being more adventurous with my activities. I went out for walks, I considered having a gamble or two at a £4 minimum deposit casino uk, I even washed my dogs. With time, I recovered. But for those 2 weeks, Stardew Valley was my world. And it was a wonderful slice of heaven.

Is This Unique to Handhelds?

No, of course not. It all depends on the person, you know? And that’s what’s wonderful about art, about being human. You get to experience different things in different ways. But my goal today wasn’t to advocate portable handhelds as the only way to mentally escape your bed when you’re ill. I’m simply pointing out that they’re a valid option.

And I say this because, particularly in some “old school” countries like Paraguay (where I live), video games are very much frowned upon as a therapeutic tool. Something like the Vita is nothing more than a toy.

But having experienced what I have, I can’t help but realize that yes, handheld gaming devices can totally help patients endure extended periods of being ill. It helped me.

And now that we have the Switch, the Steam Deck, the ROG Ally and ever-increasingly powerful devices, it’s not just smaller experiences that we have available at our fingertips. We can get lost in huge worlds. I’m personally really looking forward to finally digging into No Man’s Sky. The latest updates have brought a lot of narrative-driven missions to the game, and it’s exactly what I was hoping for in the game.

I’m not sick right now, but if and when I am, I know that I’ll have the option to momentarily escape my reality and rest my weary soul by visiting other worlds through the power of a gaming handheld. And that’s a comfortable thought.

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