Grim Fandango Coming to PS Vita and PS4

Grim Fandango PS Vita

One of the more exciting stories to come out of E3 is the fact that Tim Schafer’s Grim Fandango will be coming out for the PS Vita and PS4. Grim Fandango is a LucasArt’s point and click adventure game released for Windows PC’s in 1998. The game is a dark comedy and has Mexican culture influencing the story and gameplay. Unfortunately, the game did not sell well even though it had universal praise. Many consider its failure one of the reasons that point and click adventure games lost popularity as a genre for a decade until the Nintendo DS and the iOS/Android devices brought the genre back to the forefront.

To learn more about the game, Two Player Productions made a wonderful Grim Fandango Retrospective that is up on the PlayStation Blog.

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