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Continuing our series looking at smaller independent games, it’s time to look at another of the steady stream of PS Vita games from Ratalaika. Even though we’ve looked at a wide selection of titles, the most popular genre of late seems to be platform puzzle games. And this latest review is no exception. So with that in mind, this time we cast our attention towards Mekabolt….

Set in a futuristic theme park, the robots running the park have gone haywire. The batteries powering them have gone missing and as the head technician it’s your job to scour the park and retrieve them. But with the robots out of control you need to have your wits about you. Avoid all the traps and pitfalls. Use your mekabolt to disable the robots and utilise their unique abilities to help you retrieve the batteries hidden throughout all 100 levels in the park and maybe then you can get some rest…

To see the game running and find out what we think, watch the video below…

Our score for Mekabolt is at the end of the video so stay tuned to find out how we rated it! Thanks must go to Rataliaka for providing us with the review copy of the game.

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