Foxyland 2 Launches on PS Vita

Foxyland has been around on a range of PC gaming services like Steam since 2017, and it was only a short while ago that the title was ported over to consoles, thanks to publisher Ratalaika Games SL. Following the success of the original Ratalaika have already released the Vita version of the successful PC sequel Foxyland 2! That’s right, we’re going to be returning to the land of the fox in this sequel, which has been released on PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

The game itself is available to purchase and download on all four platforms now at Rataliaka’s usual pocket money busting price range of £5.99.

With the release of this sequel, players will once again be dropped straight into the crazy and hectic lifestyle of Foxy Fox. Foxy and his wife Jennie have had their cubs kidnapped by the evil Wolfie brothers. So, it’s time for the duo to spring into action and rescue them from the criminal siblings. The game takes you through a total of 40 levels, which incorporate wonderfully designed locations in the vintage-looking, pixelated visuals. Certainly, anyone who enjoyed the original Foxyland game will be impressed and entertained by this follow-up.

The Additions to Foxyland 2

While it’s been known for some game developers in the past to change very little in sequels, Foxyland 2 introduces us to some wonderful new additions. Hidden coins are scattered throughout the lands for example, while a co-operative multiplayer version that sees both Foxy and Jennie in action is also available to play on the console ports (although sadly not on the Vita). If you find secret flags within the levels, then you’ll also get to experience the whole island.

Foxyland 2 has also had intriguing chiptune music added to it, composed by HateBit, while the pixel-art of the game has been created by Simon404. And even though Foxyland 2 has some wonderful and exciting new features for you to experience when playing, it won’t shatter your bank account. The game only costs £5.99, regardless of which platform you purchase it on. You can even compare it with the original game, sort of like the sports betting site comparisons that Nostrabet provides at

The original release of Foxyland 2 was on Steam on April 17, 2019, but with it now being available on other consoles, a wider range of players can enjoy what it has to offer. Anyone who accesses the game will be able to explore new lands and defeat Foxy’s enemies along the way, whilst bypassing cunning traps that have been set to try and halt Foxy in his path.

As with all other Ratalaika releases players opting to purchase the game through the Sony store will be able to access it from both a PS4 console and a PS Vita with it being a Cross Buy title. If you’re a fan of the traditional and pixelated types of games, then there’s little doubt that Foxyland 2 will cater to all of your needs.

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