First Impressions: Rogue Legacy For PS Vita

Rogue Legacy is an indie platformer developed by Cellar Door Games, and the name is really a combination of the game’s most defining gameplay mechanics; rogue-like elements and continuing on each character’s legacy, which I will explain a bit later on in the review.

With your typical rogue-like video game, you will traverse through a series of procedurally generated levels filled with a variety of different enemies and bosses until you either beat the final boss or die and have to start over. Usually the latter is the case.

Despite Rogue Legacy being built on the typical rogue-like elements, the game takes a rather different approach to dying. Instead of death being your end-game, the game welcomes repetitive dying by allowing you to upgrade your skills, armour and weaponry using the gold you had earned during your previous run–this is where the legacy side of the game comes in.

Each time you die, you will have to choose your next heir to follow on with the quest (clearing the castle and defeating all bosses). Each new heir will have a series of traits, for example, your heir may have near-sighted vision, have a higher chance of landing critical hits on enemies, or perhaps be unable to feel pain in the feet, allowing you to run across certain traps without taking damage.

In regards to the lore of Rogue Legacy, you will often find yourself entering empty rooms that contain entry logs from previous adventurers. There isn’t much of a story to tell so I’ll leave it as that.

To summarise the game, Rogue Legacy is a solid rogue-like platformer with beautiful pixel art that gives you a constant feeling of progression despite dying a lot due to those rogue-like elements, making it perfect for gamers that are looking for something to quickly pass the time.

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