First Impressions: Murasaki Mist: Akara’s Journey

I love quirky games from small, crazy teams. I specially love games developed by Latin American teams, such as Squares (considering I was born in Paraguay).

And I’m a huge fan of isometric action RPGs.

So, when I saw that Murasaki Mist: Akara’s Journey ticked all those boxes, I was on board. And then, I saw the gameplay trailer, and it looked like a lot of fun!

I started playing the game today, and while some of the charm that I wanted is there, some things are coming undone.

For example, while the dialog can leave a bit to be desired (including many translation errors), the story is actually fantastic. I really like that they are including a lot of Mexican lore into it. I don’t know why they didn’t go all the way with it and called it Lila Mist: Juanita’s Journey. I honestly think it would have made for a more cohesive universe.

The world is very well populated and the enemies are varied. Character models look detailed. But everything looks like a Diablo II era engine. I was surprised at this, as the trailer (below) shows fantastic detail. I’m guessing they used the PS4 version of the game for that. I totally understand that, but I wish the Vita version didn’t suffer so much in terms of detail and framerate.

All in all, the game is actually rather fun. It’s quirky, and it’s definitely not perfect, but I think a few more hours into it and my 90’s kid will go past the graphic fidelity and just enjoy the ride.

Or so I hope.

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