First Impressions: Squares (PS Vita)

I have been playing LEAP Game Studios’ Vita debut since I got it a few days ago, and I’m really, really enjoying it.

It’s always good to see a game from a South American developer come to Vita (I was born in South America). But knowing how hard it is to do creative work there, I always approach these games with trepidation.

Again and again, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Peru’s “Squares” is no exception.

Like many great videogames before it, it’s easy to learn but hard to master. The gist of it is, though, that you have to tap and slide squares within a timeframe. The trick? The timeframe is… short. Barely a couple of seconds. And each screen is full of squares that you CAN’T tap.

This leads to frantic gameplay. I can totally see how this would have been a good fit for smartphones, but I’m so, so happy that LEAP has decided to bring the game to Vita.

The minimalist design is a welcome change in a world of overcomplicated interfaces and 3D everything.

I am already getting stomped by a few levels here and there, so I’m sure the more I advance the more I’ll resent Luis Wong and the rest of the team at LEAP.

I’m very happy with the level design, too. It is, for me, the core of every good game, and it’s often overlook in favor of fancy graphics and a convoluted storyline.

Not so with “Squares”. This comeback to the golden days focuses on the experience of playing a videogame.

I, for one, really like that.

Expect a full review soon.

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  1. This is the worst game for vita ever!
    Why buy this amazing portable to play that kind of trash????

    Sony, please, release games for real not that *EDITED BY MODERATOR* iPhone game style

    • Hi Renato!

      Thanks for your comment. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion. However, I have to disagree.

      I don’t really care what the platform is for a game, as long as the game is good and it’s priced according to the enjoyment it provides.

      It’s totally cool if you don’t like these arcade-type games, but having played Squares, I have to say that I like it. The short bursts are perfect for gaming on the go, or when you’re waiting for something.

      I love big, immersive experiences like Uncharted or Killzone: Mercenary. But I also like rapid-shot arcade-type games like Squares or Woah! Dave. I think they are as valid an offer to a gamer like any other game.

      I much rather evaluate a game on the fun I have with it, rather than the mechanics, the platform or the production budget.

      While I understand that not everyone will agree with this, I ask that you please refrain from using foul language on this website. We’re trying to keep it family friendly.


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