First Impressions: Aliens Vs Pinball (PS Vita)

Hitting all formats next week, Zen Studios are unleashing terror onto the PlayStation Vita with potentially their most terrifying set of pinball tables yet with a triple pack featuring one of the most legendary sci-fi movie monsters of all time… the Alien from the classic film series. Featuring tables based on the saga – Aliens Pinball (based on the 1986 movie), Alien: Isolation (themed around the survival horror game developed by The Creative Assembly in 2014) and the final table in the pack Alien vs. Predator (an original table pitting two of mankind’s deadliest of foes against each other and putting you right in the middle with one of Ripley’s descendants).

As expected, Zen Studios have delivered the goods once more with another fantastic collection of tables and while I found it hard to connect with Alien: Isolation not having played the original game I still enjoyed that and Alien vs Predator as original tables in their own right. However the star of the show really has to be Aliens Pinball. There’s no denying that Aliens is one of the all-time great sci-fi movies and this table really has done the film justice. With dialogue taken directly from the film, it’s a table packed with atmosphere from the get-go. Whether it’s the main playfield or the mini games, it just feels right from start to finish and you just feel drawn into the battle between Ripley and the Marines and the swarm of Aliens infesting LV-426… It’s a visual and aural delight and offers enough twists and variety in the gameplay to ensure that you’ll never get bored.

In the short time I’ve been playing this so far, Aliens Pinball has quickly become one of my favourite tables in the range Zen Studios have produced and that alone makes the bundle worth buying. Combining that with the fact that you’re getting two other good tables… well, you couldn’t ask for anything better.

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