Favourite PS Vita Games You Must Play

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We are all big fans of the PlayStation Vita here at Vita Player and so we thought it was time we looked at some of our favourites. Indulge us if you will and if you haven’t played these yet – just what have you been doing?

In no particular order, we start with Freedom Wars. It was very popular when it was first released – retail sales topped over 180,000 in its first week on its release in Japan – and is both an action game and an RPG – a bit of a perfect combo. It is also very good whether it is played solo or in multi-player mode (up to eight players can join in) and was recently listed in our ‘Top 5 Vita RPGs (that are often on sale)’ feature – albeit as a ‘special mention’ at the foot of the article.

If you just want action though, and want to dispense with the RPG element, you could do worse, far worse we reckon, than trying Killzone: Mercenary – the 2013 PlayStation Vita Game of the Year Award winner, developed by Guerrilla Cambridge. It is a very good first-person shooter game and utilises well the Vita’s touchscreen. Granted the single-player element could be longer, but the graphics and gameplay help make up for that and there is a multi-player dimension here too.

Another one we rate, is Football Manager Classic, it’s a bit old now (given it was released in 2014), but still stands the test of time quite well and gives a good insight into some of the key areas of football management, perfectly illustrating how a lot of decisions in sports these days are based on data, number-crunching and analytics. Sure it’s not perfect, but if you persevere it still has a lot to offer and is one of those games you can get lost in for hours and hours…

Sticking with sports games, we love Wipeout 2048 – a futuristic racing car we reviewed a few years back. It was sadly the last game developed by Sony Studio Liverpool but remains a testament to it as the visuals still stand up extremely well as do the flexible controls. The pre-race loading time still irks a bit – even now, but that aside still very enjoyable and still very playable.

We also have to mention LittleBigPlanet, your chance to take Sackboy on a mission to save Craftworld – who could resist? The graphics really are top notch and if you want to play a good and challenging platform game you can’t go far wrong with this one (although if you are into platformers Rayman Legends is pretty impressive too, and like LittleBigPlanet looks the part).

Our last shout-out goes to Dokuro, a neat and rather unique puzzle game set over 150 perplexing levels. It was described as a bit of a “rough diamond” in our review in January last year and while we stand by that, it is one of those games that is strangely addictive. It is also available for a bargain price – £2.49 when we last looked.

So what do you think of our selection? Post a comment below or get in touch via our Twitter or Facebook channels.

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