Does The PS Vita Need More Casino-Style Games?

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PS Vita fans are clearly ones who prefer a portable gaming experience and with the multitude of mobile games and apps that have been optimised or created for smart phones and tablets, the competition for majority market share is massive.

The biggest online gaming sector has always been the online casino industry and now there are an abundance of these virtual games that can be enjoyed on player’s mobile device. In order for the PS Vita to compete, it looks like Sony may have to reconsider their gaming selection and add some new casino-themed titles to their currently rather limited range.

We here at Vita Player always like to keep a finger on the pulse of gaming trends. Judging by the overwhelming response that mobile gambling has received, and the fact that many top online establishments such as Riverbelle online casino have chosen to offer a mobile option to meet player demand, it seems there’s a clear indication that this type of gaming is gathering momentum.

PS Vita games such as Card Shark released as part of the Minis range that boasts a 5 game compendium of Blackjack, Solitaire, Five Card Draw, Higher or Lower and Texas Hold ‘Em were a step in the right direction, but they lack the state-of-the-art graphics and sophisticated game play that many online casino’s offer. Payout Poker & Casino for the PSP (as a download for the Vita from the US PSN Store) offered a slightly more competitive game selection and players could also enjoy 12 different games that included roulette, slots, craps and baccarat, but once again – this was no match to the 30+ games offered by many mobile gaming hubs. The PSP title Hard Rock Casino (again available for the Vita as PSN download for the US market) is to date, the only game that has come close to matching a popular mobile casinos offerings, as it featured 20 games, however it still failed to make much of an impression.

It seems that even if players don’t wager real money, the lure of free mobile gaming is still enormous. If the PlayStation Vita could cater to the ever-growing market of players that enjoy free casino-style entertainment that matches the calibre of the current smart phone and tablet games, they will certainly be on the right track.

Given the internet capabilities of the PS Vita it should also be possible for players to play these types of games with friends, or engage in tournaments, and if the Vita wants to keep up with mobile gaming trends, creating enhanced casino games may be a step in the right direction.

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