Disney Infinity 2.0 Coming To PS Vita

Disney Infinity 2.0

One of the biggest surprises to come out of PlayStation Experience was the revelation from Disney that Disney Infinity 2.0 was coming to the PlayStation Vita! While the multiformat game was originally lined up for a PS Vita release, several months ago Disney themselves dismissed the PS Vita release as not happening.

A couple of months ago, the release seemed to be back on the cards with reports coming in saying that the PS Vita version of the Marvel Super Heroes edition of the game would be comparable to the PS3 edition but little more was revealed of what could be a potential system seller… until last weekend when Disney held their own presentation at PSX. Not only was there talk about the game generally, but unveiling of the PS Vita Starter Pack which is set to contain an exclusive Black Costume Spiderman figure!

The PS Vita version is scheduled for release in May 2015 and if versions on other formats are anything to go by, could be a major hit.

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  1. Sold!

    I’m still upset the original game never made it to the PlayStation Vita, so hopefully Disney don’t disappoint this time ’round…

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