DiscStorm incoming!

From a British developer, XMPT Games Inc. based in Southampton, DiscStorm has come out of a Christmas period of gameplay experimentation! The game is coming to PS Vita, Windows, Linux and OSX (no PS4 chaps?) The game is due out this spring, so hopefully not too long to wait for some deadly(?) frisbee action.

From their own press release (there’s more at www.discstorm.co.uk):

“Fast-paced and furious, DiscStorm is an arena combat game where split-second reactions are essential to dodge flying discs as they ricochet around at breakneck speed.

Meet up with your friends at home or online and challenge them to intense multi-player deathmatches. Alternatively, the single player adventure boasts diverse settings such as haunted mansions and pirate ships – all of which come with their own formidable enemies and epic boss fights.

Inspired by classic 90s consoles, DiscStorm evokes retro nostalgia with its upbeat chip-tune soundtrack and bold pixel-art visuals. Successfully progress through the vibrant environments and you’ll not only set records on the online leaderboards, but also be rewarded with quirky new costumes for the cast of characters”

Sounds fun… but here’s a video to grab you attention:

Oh and a few screenshots 🙂 – these maybe from another version though I doubt there would be much difference.

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