Classic Games that have been Revived on the PS Vita


Earlier this year, Sony announced its plans of excluding PlayStation Vita games in its PlayStation Plus monthly lineup. Following that news, rumours of the PS Vita’s discontinuation have emerged. While the fate of PS Vita is uncertain, it would be nice to remember what kind of impact the PS Vita made in the gaming industry. Vita players know that some memorable games were developed for Sony’s handheld. In particular, the Vita and PSP before it had a hand in revitalising classic games and introducing them to a new audience. Most of them are just ports of PS1 or PS2 games, but some are also digital versions of either arcade games or tabletop games.

Vita Player once explored the possible reasons for gamers to go back to the classics. It was noted that the PS Vita or the PSP provides a chance for people to play their favourite games from the days when they were growing up. Let’s take a look at some old favourites that have been ported to the handheld console.

PaRappa the Rapper

It has been over 20 years since the release of PaRappa the Rapper, a video game which first debuted on the PlayStation. Gamers fell in love with the rhythm-based mechanics and the story about a dog rapper who just wanted to impress a girl. A decade after its first release, the game was ported to the PSP as a physical release to cater to a new generation of players. And last year saw a remastered version of the game on the PS4.

Tetris Ultimate

Everyone who has ever played video games know Tetris, or at least heard about it. The game is so iconic that it has earned its own World Tetris Day on June 6. It was one of the earliest games of the 80s, yet it is available on almost every gaming platform, including the PS Vita. Of course, its Vita version is a more contemporary take, as it features various game modes as well as new visuals. Even with its simple concept, this puzzle game is still popular with gamers today.


Lemmings is a classic puzzle platformer that was first developed for the Amiga by Psygnosis. Back then, the game only used 16-bit graphics and simple animations. But it was later revamped and released on other platforms as well. The PSP version arrived in 2006, and has updated 3D graphics and improved gameplay mechanics. You can even create your own levels. The Vita received it’s own native release some time later in the form of Lemmings Touch along with the previously released game on the much maligned PlayStation Mobile format.

Pirate Solitaire

Card games still have a huge global following, and are considered classic titles because they were played on entry-level PCs and consoles before they were even fully developed due to their simplicity.

Naturally, these games were ported with the advent of technology, and they arrived on the PS Vita as well. Pirate Solitaire is one of the most memorable, as it provided a unique take on the classic card game by incorporating sea-related backdrops, treasure and other swashbuckling narratives. It has become a common trend across the digital landscape and a lot of games like said title are accessible online. This makes it more convenient for card connoisseurs, as they don’t need to worry about installing games or purchasing a console. Additionally, these mobile-friendly games, like on handheld devices such as the PS Vita, have given users the opportunity to play classic online casinos games that have been given a contemporary twist, with some having unique themes like Joker Poker and Vegas Downtown Blackjack to make sessions more engaging. Due to the rise of mobile gaming, in the same light as players can play from anywhere, as long as they have a reliable internet connection. Of course, there’s no experience like playing on the PS Vita, because playing with buttons and analog controls has a different feel for gamers. This is one of the reasons why there are now game controllers for smartphones. Even simple games like Pirate Solitaire become more immersive.

It was a wise step for the PS Vita to bring gamers some of the beloved classics. As Vita players get closer to the dreaded day of saying goodbye to PS Plus games, they can reminisce about the good ol’ days and play retro video games.

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