Modernising retro games: why players are returning to the classics


If you are a gamer of a certain age, then you will remember when home games consoles really took off in the 1980s and 1990s. The industry has seemingly noticed this appetite for retro games and set about modernising many of the old titles as a result. This is superb, as it means you get to enjoy the old characters you remember so well but with the advantages of modern graphics and sound.

The reason behind this move by the games companies is simple. They have seen just how powerful this nostalgia for the retro titles or retro consoles can be, and have taken steps to meet that demand. From a player’s perspective, you may prefer to play these modern takes on older titles, as they can be cheaper to download or buy than brand spanking new games. Many gamers also feel that the older titles were just better designed and thought-out games to play.
Retro games with a modern take

If you are struggling to think about the type of game we mean, then there are many examples to enjoy. Naturally, there are many on the Vita, but this is a trend that all the industry has seemingly jumped on. Prime among these are the many modern Super Mario titles. You may remember when Mario was a simple platformer on devices such as the Gameboy – this type of connection is what keeps the series so popular.

Of course, the other major video game franchises that have modern twists include titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog. Even the Tomb Raider franchise has a modern open-source version that is fully playable on your PC.

Card game or table game-based titles were always popular back in the day, with many poker or similar sorts of games released. These have also been revamped for the modern age, with much improved sound, animation and feel. Although you won’t find these as frequently on home gaming devices such as the Vita, they are very popular online now at the many casino sites around.

Going retro on the Vita and PSP

If you own a Vita or even a PSP, then there will be certain games that stand out as real classics from years gone by. Prime among these is the majestic Final Fantasy series, which was a huge hit when it first came onto the market. If you have never played it then you are missing out! Many Vita and PSP players have returned to this game, as it is just so playable and enjoyable.

You can even find classic names like Sonic popping up on the Vita in modern games such as Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. Featuring everyone’s favourite hedgehog, it gives that hit of Mega Drive nostalgia to see the little fella on screen again. If you really want to go full retro, then titles such as the modern Rayman Origins can also be picked up – this features the Rayman character who was first created in 1995, when 16-bit ruled!

As a PSP owner, you are not left out either! As well as the aforementioned Final Fantasy series to boot up, you can grab titles such as Space Invaders Extreme, for that 1980s arcade-style experience. It is still pretty good after all these years, especially with the modern tweaks, which shows the strength of many retro games.

Online gaming is growing in popularity

As well as retro games to play on devices like the Vita, online gaming has really taken off in recent years. Even back in 2015, the net worth of the online gaming market was thought to be around £27 billion, which is a simply staggering amount. By far, one of the biggest reasons for this is thought to be the attraction of retro games that you can play online at various sites.

Most casino sites will offer retro slot games to give their customers this experience. This type of old-school slot game is the perfect mix for the modern player. The classic themes that you are looking for are there, but the games themselves boast fabulous, updated graphics and sound. So, if you are wanting that real trip back to your youth, then you can get it online at most major casino sites!

Retro games look set to enjoy their resurgence

From the rapid rise in modern retro gaming seen during the last year or two, it would seem that it is here to stay for some time. Players seem to love being able to step back in time and recapture the thrill of playing a Final Fantasy or Super Mario title again. This seems to be true for whatever device or console you have to play on. If you own a Vita or PSP, then there are many games to pick up that will help you see just why retro is currently king!

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