All PlayStation Mobile titles from Nostatic Software reduced in final sale prior to closure of PSM

Quiet Please PS Vita

We’ve just been contacted by our good friend Mike Oliphant at Nostatic Software who has informed us that he is slashing the price of all eleven of his PlayStation Mobile titles in the final month of the service. The author of some of PSMs finest adventures and retro-inspired games such as Vacation Vexation, Kung Fu Fight!, Candy, Please! and many more, Mike has decided to cut the price of all of his games and apps by a massive 50% meaning that prices of his titles now start at the pocket money price of just 40p so if you’ve never tried any of his releases there’s never been a better time!

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  1. I wonder if it’s feasible to re-package his titles as native PlayStation Vita titles, either individually or as some sort of package (e.g. “The Please Saga”)?

    • I can’t speak for Mike, but I do know that a number of PSM developers are planning on revisiting their PlayStation Mobile games and producing native Vita versions of them for re-release. For many older games that were released in the pre-Unity era, they may be more difficult to port than others depending on the development tools used to create them but I would assume that anything created using PlayStation Mobile’s SDK 2.0 and above should be relatively easy to port to the Vita natively.

      The only real stumbling block for many would be Sony’s publishing restraints which require developers to be registered unlike the open nature of PSM which has allowed any developer of any size to release titles onto the Vita.

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