A Guide: Turning Your Home into a Tech Haven


If you’re a lover of technology, then you’ve no doubt dreamed of turning your home into a tech haven once or twice in the past. Well, what is it exactly that’s stopping you from making this a reality? There are plenty of realistic and cost-effective ways for you to transform your humble abode into a technology-lovers paradise. All you have to do is sort out your finances, pick the right servers, software, and equipment, and apply yourself.

Here’s a guide on what you should do when you finally decide to turn your home into a tech haven:

Work out the cost

Having a tech haven for a home would be cool, but not if it’s going to leave you bankrupt. The first thing that you must do, then, is to work out the cost of the venture. Being fully aware of what you’re going to need to spend before you go ahead and start splashing the cash will stop your finances from spiralling out of control.

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In this instance, you may want to consider lowering your electricity bill. By shopping around and managing to find an energy supplier that charges you less for the electricity that you use, you’ll be able to introduce even more tech to your home. Fear not, as this doesn’t necessarily have to be as arduous a task as it seems. Utility Bidder, a business utility comparison site that has also recently entered into the domestic energy market, will help you to find cheaper energy quotes for your home. By using them, you could save an amazing 40% on your next electricity bill.

Tweak the tech you currently own

You don’t necessarily have to go out and spend thousands on new pieces of technology. If you’ve got the time, patience, know-how, and aptitude, you could take to tweaking the tech that you currently own. This is a cost-effective way to fill your home with cool, unique tools and pieces of equipment. In fact, releasing your inner DIYer in this instance will be more rewarding than buying tech from the store, as you’ll be able to look at the things that you built with pride.

You can take any kind of low-tech device and transform it into a high-tech one. Here are a few examples of the types of projects you can realistically undertake:

  • Transforming an old computer into a magic mirror using Raspberry Pi
  • Using Kodi to transform your TV into a retro gaming station Turning your old landline phone into a VoIP telecommunications system by using an OBi Adapter
  • Bringing your old MSN webcam back to life by turning it into a surveillance system
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Create a game room

Your game room shouldn’t just be an old store cupboard that your consoles and state-of-the-art gaming chair can barely fit in. If you’re serious about turning your home into a tech haven, you have to devote a full-size room (or garage space) to all of the technological games that you love. For advice on how to build the ultimate game room in a garage, check out this helpful article.

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