6 Best Practices for Video Editing in 2023

One vital thing that usually comes to mind after shooting a series of videos is editing. Video editing is fine-tuning a video shot to portray the information in it. It is of different types, but the types commonly used in the industry today are; linear and non-linear editing, vision mixing, and cloud-based editing.

If properly done, video editing helps improve the flow of a video by eliminating all the unwanted content. It makes it simple and easy to watch. How do you think a video would look without using editing tools ? Horrible, isn’t it? Check this site https://setapp.com/how-to/compress-video-on-mac for more information about editing on Mac. When you edit your shots, they become clearer and create a new look. Your shots also appear structured.

Video editing is used in many industries. However, the entertainment industry tops the list of industries that use video editing tools the most. So, whether you’re an entertainer, filmmaker, or photojournalist, here are the top 6 best practices for video editing in 2023 you must know right now.

Go for the Right Software

Software is one of the crucial things you need for editing. Of course, there are many editing software on the market today. The type of software you choose can make or mar your work. Go for software with a good interface, special effects, filters, and features. You can also go for the one with the audio option.

Also, ensure the software you choose will be compatible with your video format and device. For instance,  video editing on Mac may require more sophisticated software than on other devices. Some of the top software you can use are;

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Premiere Pro
  • iMovie
  • Adobe After Effect

Know the Right Cutting Techniques 

Cutting is one of the crucial skills in film modification. As a matter of fact, you can’t achieve the best result without knowing the important cutting techniques. There are many cutting techniques, but here are the top ones you should know:

  • J Cut: Often regarded as audio advance, J cut is when audio of the second scene precedes the video of the first scene. That means audio from the upcoming scenes is heard before the clip is displayed. If you’re considering transitioning from one location to another or getting the attention of your audience, consider using J cut.
  • L Cut: Unlike J cut, L cut is when the second scene’s video precedes the first scene’s audio. L cut is the best way to transition from an old clip to a new clip. If you want to make a scene stay longer, consider using the L cut.

Learn Color Grading and Color Correction 

Color correction and color grading are very crucial when modifying your shots. Color correction is the process of adjusting the colors of your footage till it matches the original color in the real world. The purpose of color correction is to ensure consistency in the colors of each of your clips. During color correction, ensure you maintain proper white balance by correcting any color that may appear like white in your footage.

Color grading gives your clips a more visual tone and artistic feel. Most of the editing software has color grading tools. So, this will make your work easier.

Learn How to Balance Audio

Audio is a very vital component of video. Without audio, it will be difficult to articulate your information or engage the audience. The value of your shots will be poorly affected without audio. So, it is very crucial to learn how to balance your audio.

However, balancing audio is not as straightforward as you think. To do this, you must first balance the speech. Then, you should balance other spoken dialogue, like music, etc. Finally, ensure the music in your clips is not too loud or too low.

Follow the Latest Video Editing Trends

One of the ways to be more relevant by the day as a film editor is by following the latest video editing trend. Some of these trends will increase your earning while keeping you relevant in the industry.

Examples of the top editing trends you can follow right now are; Short-form videos (a very short type of video commonly used on social media) and High-resolution video (video with larger pixels per inch, usually shot with a 4K camera). Therefore, it will be very prudent to invest in editing software for these trends.

Be Purposeful 

Always have a purpose when editing. Don’t just fill the film with different effects and tones. Instead, think of something that can add more value to your work. Start by asking yourself a question like what I am trying to achieve. Who is my audience? Doing this will help produce great content that will excite your audience.


Video editing is an act everyone must master, especially if you have a flair for entertainment. To become successful in the art, you must know the current practices and techniques employed. Apart from knowing how to select the right software for your film editing, you must also know the proper cutting techniques to use at the right time. Besides, master the art of color correction and grading properly and never joke with the latest editing trends. This way, you will never have any problems while polishing or modifying your shots.

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