3 Totally Free Star Wars Games I Wish I Could Play on my Vita

I often talk about how the Vita could have been saved by stronger third-party offerings. But today, I don’t want to have a moan. Shocker, I know. Today, I want to talk about some free games I’ve been enjoying that I wish I could play on my Vita. These are all free to play, feature no ads, no microtransactions… just good ol’ free games. Good ol’ Free Star Wars games, no less! So, let’s get started.

Sadly, even though these games are all HTML5 and web-based, they don’t run on the Vita. This is because the Vita browser doesn’t really support the full HTML5 protocol. Thank you Sony once again, I guess?

Star Wars: Rogue One – Boots on the Ground

I actually went super in-depth on this one over on our sister site, Infinite Frontiers: The Little-Known Star Wars RPG Game ANYONE Can Play For Free!. I don’t want to repeat myself, so if you want to know about it in detail, click that link.

As you may have guessed by the name, it’s an RPG based on Rogue One, which just so happens to be my favorite Star Wars film of all time (yes, including the original trilogy). I’ve been lamenting the lack of proper Rogue One games, so to have one, and to be able to feature it on a Free Star Wars Games list, is kind of surreal. George Lucas is famous for monetizing his every thought, so I’m guessing we have Disney to thank for this one.

Great little RPG, fantastic fun. You can play this one on mobile devices or your PC, by following this link.

Star Wars: Rebels – Special Ops

Staying on the spin-off path, Rebels – Special Ops is a side scrolling shooter-platformer. I know, that’s a bit of a mouthful. It’s not that difficult, either. I think that because it’s based on the animated universe, they decided to make it very much for kids.

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That’s not a bad thing in my book, though, as anything that acts as a gateway between my nieces and nephews and the Star Wars universe is fine with me. If that takes the form of Free Star Wars Games, even better!

You can play this one by following this link. It’s only 12 stages, but it’s a fun little romp for the little ones.

Lego Star Wars: Battle Run

Yep, I saved this one for last. It’s only a thumpin’ Lego Star Wars game! We did get a couple of those on the Vita (as you can see from this news piece from back in the day: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming to PS Vita this June!).

But we didn’t get a voice-controlled one! This is an odd one to comment on, as I usually think all voice-controlled games are a bit of a gimmick. But honestly, this is such a laugh that I don’t really care. If you’ve got little ones around, you’ll know that having them scream into a device can get boring, quick.

But until then, what a joy to have them go through this with us. Yes, it’s gimmicky. But so was 4D Cinema and I still remember that time I got splattered with water while watching Psycho. No list of Free Star Wars Games could be complete without Lego Star Wars: Battle Run. Did I mention it’s a 360-degree experience!? Gimmick Galore!

You can play this one by clicking this link.

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