100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 8. Nunnageddon

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 008 - Nunnageddon

The one situation that you’d be least likely to think of in gaming is that of heavily armed nuns but that’s exactly what you’re letting yourself in for with this shooter from Daniel Cake. It’s straight up, no-nonsense old-school action from start to finish here placing you right in the middle of the ultimate battle between good and evil… well, almost!

You’re God’s favourite Nun (well, you wouldn’t be at the centre of the game if you weren’t now, would you?) and you’re up against hordes of enemies who – according to Daniel Cake anyway – are working for “the man” (and we all know who he means by that!). It’s a simple shooter – armed only with your trusty six shooter (now you know what Nuns keep under their habbits!), you’ve got to stay alive, dodging the bullets fired at you constantly, grabbing cheesy snacks for bonuses(!) and defeating the soft-drink inspired bosses!

It’s all great fun and doesn’t take itself seriously but not at the expense of being a great shooter. It’s fiendishly addictive and offers a novel twist on the Space Invader style game mechanic. Instead of the basic left-right-fire controls you’re presented with the ability to take cover from ground based and aerial attacks, and you can shoot vertically and horizontally to defend yourself as best as possible so you have to think on your feet while you play.

This is one of those games that serves to highlight that PSM not only offers great updates to classic games but can really offer novel, fresh and original games as well and when they’re this much fun you’d be a fool to miss out on them.

Title: Nunnageddon
Developer: Daniel Cake
Type: Shoot-em-up
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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