100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 7. Shuttle Quest 2000

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 007 - Shuttle Quest 2000

Shuttle Quest 2000 is a bit of a strange beast of a game. When Thomas Hopper released this PlayStation Mobile gem, he took the brave move of releasing the game initially with a free trial offering gamers a sizeable chunk of the game with the rest of the game being unlockable for a small charge. For a game that looked like it had been released on the Nintendo Gameboy and seemed to be a a cross between a side-scrolling shooter and a top-down RPG it did seem to be something of an oddity…

However, Shuttle Quest 2000 turned out to be an absolute corker of a game. As if the title didn’t give it away, you take on the role of a lone shuttle pilot who is stationed at a space outpost. From here you’re dispatched on various missions from the station’s captain. Whether it’s exploring an asteroid field, defending the station from an invading alien fleet or anything else, it’s down to you to take on these in your solitary craft.Each mission takes on the form of a single level side scrolling shooter of varying length and difficulty, but the more difficult the mission you choose to undertake, the greater reward you receive at the end…

Reward? Well, as you complete missions you get paid and you use this money in the store on the station to upgrade your ship. It’s not that simple though as you need raw materials and these have to be collected as you fly through space or purchased from the other stores on the station so there’s more to this game that being just a straight-up shooter. With a massive range of power-ups to customise your ships, plenty of varied and replayable missions and characters to interact with, this is another great game from Thomas Hopper… and with the free trial available and the full game having dropped to the insanely cheap price of 40p there’s no excuse for not owning this game.

Title: Shuttle Quest 2000
Developer: TACS Games (Thomas Hopper)
Type: Shoot-em-up / Strategy
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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