100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 5. Bloodred Wyvern

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 005 - Bloodred Wyvern

Back in their heyday, Sega were renowned not just for their consoles and games but for developing some of the most innovative arcade games ever developed. Gamers still have fond memories of a large number of these and when you look back at them it’s easy to see why. Who can forget the hydraulic cabinets of the fighter combat game Afterburner? The adrenaline rush of racers like OutRun or Power Drift or my personal favourite, the 3D shooter Space Harrier?

It’s the latter that is the inspiration behind Bloodred Wyvern but instead of taking control of a pilot in control of an oversized flying gun, you’re now taking control of a death-spewing dragon flying over 10 diverse landscapes. All of the game mechanics – and even some of the level designs – will be familiar to Space Harrier veterans though and that’s what makes this game such a winner. It moves along at a fantastic pace for a PlayStation Mobile title, is wonderfully responsive and most importantly for a game so dependent on speed and 3D visuals, looks great. The action doesn’t slow down for a minute and for those who loved the arcade original this is as close as you’re going to get on the Vita right now until Sega decide to bring out an official port.

Even if you’re not a fan of the original, there’s a great 3D shooter to enjoy here and this is one of those games that more than lives up to the hype of the screenshots on the PSN Store.

Title: Bloodred Wyvern
Developer: Mukagosoftware Development
Type: Shoot-em-up
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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