100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 37 – Surge

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 037 - Surge

FuturLab may be better known to PS Vita owners for the stunning Velocity series but their introduction to the world of PlayStation started with the Minis range and a few titles for PlayStation Mobile including this little puzzler. Like all good puzzle games, it’s quick to pick up and play with basic controls that don’t get in the way of gameplay.

Racing against time, you have to clear the screen of all of the randomly scattered coloured blocks. To do this all you have to do is draw lines between two or more blocks of the same colour. Do this and it removes the blocks and once you remove them all you move onto the next stage. All this time a pressure gauge builds up and it’s game over once this fills up. The only way to clear this is to tap on the vents at the side of the screenand it’s corresponding vent on the other side. However, these can only be accessed if there are no blocks obstructing them.

Progress through the levels and different types of blocks are added offering score bonuses, explosives and more and not only do more blocks appear on screen by the pressure gauge fills faster making the game increasingly frenetic. It’s a fast action puzzler but it never gets frustrating or annoying, and that’s in part from the fantastic control system. It uses the Vita’s touchscreen and can be played using just one finger throughout making it sheer simplicity from start to finish. While I do prefer games generally that use physical controls, this is one that wouldn’t work any other way and it adds to the game immensely.

This is a great, addictive game, offers exceptional value for money and is another essential purchase for puzzle game lovers everywhere.

Title: Surge
Developer: Futurlab
Type: Puzzle
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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