100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 36 – Kung Fu Fight!

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 036 - Kung Fu Fight

If you’re not already familiar with the games released by Nostatic Software then you’re in for a treat if like me you’re a retro gaming enthusiast. Adopting an 8-bit look and feel, all of Mike Oliphant’s games have a resemblance to the visual style of some of the earlier titles from the Commodore 64… but that’s not a bad thing as they’ve managed to keep the fun factor when it comes to the playability as well.

Kung Fu Fight! is no exception and it’s a game that harks back to the arcades of the 80s and the side-scrolling beat-em-ups. You take on the role of a farmer (who just happens to be blessed with martial arts skills and expensive boxing gloves) who sets off to rescue the granddaughter of the village elder who has been kidnapped. Using a combination of kicks and punches as you run endlessly towards the warlord who has accosted her, it’s non-stop action in a game that needs split second timing. Gameplay wise it takes its inspiration primarily from the arcade classic Kung Fu Master but with a hint of procedurally generated endless runners thrown in for good measure. Add to that the varying difficulty levels and bonus Infinite Fortess mode and there’s more than enough game here to keep even the most demanding of gamers happy for hours.

This is a real gem for PlayStation Mobile and one of the most fun games for the format and one that is a must for arcade game lovers everywhere!

Title: Kung Fu Fight!
Developer: Nostatic Software
Type: Fighting / Endless Runner
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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