100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 35 – Hungry Giraffe

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 035 - Hungry Giraffe

Endless runners have been like a plague on the mobile scene. Whether they are side-scrolling or presented in 3D, if you’ve played one you’ve played them all but even though at heart Hungry Giraffe is really a variation on the theme is certainly doesn’t play like one and that’s what makes it so refreshing and entertaining.

Played vertically, as the name suggests you’re in charge of a giraffe… a hungry giraffe. Okay, a very hungry giraffe. More accurately, a very hungry giraffe with an unnaturally long neck. It’s your job to stop our starving friend by guiding him to all of the food above him whether it’s healthy fruit, burgers, or any other snack that’s floating above him as his neck moves up higher and higher into the clouds. If he starts to get hungry he won’t be able to reach food, his head will droop, it will drop from the screen and it’s game over. It’s not as simple as it sounds as you’ve got to navigate obstacles blocking your path to the food in the sky as well as other edible items that have a somewhat… unsavoury effect on our elongated hero.

While it was originally released as a Minis title and subsequently released as a native Vita game (and sadly with added micro-transactions), this is the only version that I keep returning to. It’s fun, full of character, looks great and has that “one more go” factor that keeps you coming back for more as you’re are teased by the game to keep trying to beat your previous height record. Frustratingly addictive and a must buy!

Title: Hungry Giraffe
Publisher: Laughing Jackal
Type: Endless Runner
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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  1. How about giving us who are looking to build our PSM libraries sooner rather than later the short version of this list? (Seriously, not a joke; time is wasting.)

    • We were hoping to be much further along in our round-up by now but our personal lives have got in the way of us working on it. With regards to PSM, only two of our team are active supporters of the platform which makes it harder writing a series like this as well.

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      • Ah, well I understand personal lives getting in the way of work, believe me! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

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