100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 30. Cubixx

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 030 - Cubixx

Laughing Jackal have been releasing games for one PlayStation format or another for a number of years now. They’ve turned their hands to tackling most PlayStation platforms whether it’s through the Laughing Jackal or Ghostlight brands and have produced games for the Minis, PSP, PS3, and PS Vita, with many of their Minis being re-released and updated for newer formats. Cubixx is one such title. This PSM port of their Minis game took the original game and enhanced it in almost every way…

The game itself is an update of Taito’s arcade hit Qix – a game that has spawned thousands of clones over the decades. The game itself is simple enough – using the character / craft / object under your control you have to draw a series of lines to section off areas of the playfield which fill in behind you as they are closed off. You complete a level once you have filled in a set percentage of the play area. To stop you there are creatures out to stop you. It’s simple arcade action at its best and it’s no surprise that so many games have been released based on this classic.

Laughing Jackal added their own spin on the format by setting the game on a 3D cube and as you filled in areas of each face, segments are removed revealing an explosive core at the centre. Remove enough and the remaining cube faces disappear, the core explodes and you progress to the next, tougher stage. The basic addictive gameplay remains intact but the five extra playfields adds added depth and strategy to the game and the visuals are a massive step up from the PSPs limited resolution.

While an enhanced version is available for the PS3, I’ve found myself playing this one most out of the three. It’s a simple game but incredibly addictive and perfectly suited to the Vita. Until Laughing Jackal produce a native Vita version of the game, this is a must-have game.

Title: Cubixx
Developer: Laughing Jackal
Type: Arcade
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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