100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 3. Console Saga

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 003 - Console Saga

All too often, PlayStation Mobile has been dismissed as being a home for nothing more than Android / iOS ports. Equally, indie developers have been branded as a breed of programmers who seem to love nothing better than to write games that are nothing but homages to the 8-bit and 16-bit era…

What many onlookers seem to forget is that there is a reason why developers take their inspiration from this era. Games may have been simpler but programmers certainly knew how to focus on the basics and make their games fun and isn’t that what gaming is supposed to be about? Console Saga – as with many of Thomas Hopper’s other PSM titles – harks back to those glory days of gaming and offers no frills classic platforming action. 20 packed levels of platform / shooting mayhem with a bit of web-slinging action thrown in for good measure packing enough of a punch to keep anyone happy.

It looks and plays incredibly well and the controls are set just right so you never feel frustrated with the controls no matter how complex the movements are that you’re able to pull off as you traverse the video game inspired landscapes.But that’s not the real beauty of this game though. Even if you’re able to make it through the increasingly tough levels, there’s a random level generator built in giving this almost unlimited replayability. Who could ask for more?

Title: Console Saga
Developer: Thomas Hopper (TACS Games)
Type: Platform Games
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes (being added in next patch)

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