100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 25. Trolly Bird

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 025 - Trolly Bird

There are games that are considered to be true all-time classics – like Space Invader, Pac Man, Tetris – those with almost universal appeal and ones that have defined gaming, and at the opposite end of the spectrum there are games that are regarded by virtually everyone who has played them as being so bad that they are met with groans by gamers everywhere just at the mention of their name. And then there’s Flappy Bird…

The now infamous mobile phone game that spawned literally hundreds, if not thousands of clones to be developed became the marmite of video games. Millions of gamers around the world loved it and were addicted to its simplistic gameplay but equal numbers couldn’t see it’s appeal and loathed the feathered hero. That didn’t stop David Martinez from creating his own interpretation of the game for PlayStation Mobile and even though it was a simple game to produce he managed to create not only the best of all of the PSM clones, but a damn addictive game as well.

The original held no appeal to myself so I can’t explain why I found this to be so compulsive but it’s something I found that I kept wanting to pick up and play regularly on the PS Vita, helped even more by the fact that I could run the Vita’s music player in the background for my own custom soundtracks. It’s simple, fun, and cheap (or should that be cheep?!) and what more could you ask for in a game?

Title: Trolly Bird
Developer: David Martinez
Type: Flappy Bird clone
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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