100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 23. Alien Breed

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 023 - Alien Breed

Long before behemoth that is Worms, Team 17 were known for releasing a string of original games on the Amiga. Pushing the boundaries of what the computer was capable of, they released a range of diverse games that are still revered today and gamers are crying out for remakes – games that are truly timeless. While Alien Breed saw new versions hit the PS3 several years ago, it took this PSM release (and it’s subsequent native Vita version) until a true port of the original to make a return…

Alien Breed is essentially a top-down shooter inspired by the classic Alien series of movies. You’re a lone astronaut and you board a large spacecraft that’s over-run with aliens. Explore the ship taking out the creatures while trying to find out what’s happenend to its crew. The catch? You’ve got limited supplies and ammo so it’s not going to be an easy task. This PSM release features an accurate representation of the Amiga original (with just a minor tweak to the game adding twin stick controls for shooting) or an enhanced version with updated graphics and sound as well as a the second release of the game with new levels and challenges.

All of the playability remains the same and it’s just as addictive as it was when it was first released and if – like me – you loved the original, the classic Amiga mode will bring memories flooding back especially hearing the superb, hanting title music from Allister Brimble in all its glory. There have been a few changes since the original Amiga release and some purists felt that the game is easier but it hasn’t spoiled the core gameplay and while it has been released for the Vita as a native title with a two player mode, trophies and Cross Play with the PS3, this PSM version is half the price so if you’re looking for the classic Amiga experience, this is still a fantastic buy and it’s my version of choice.

Title: Alien Breed
Developer: Team 17
Type: Shoot-em-up
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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