100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 22. Switch Galaxy

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 022 - Switch Galaxy

The Racing genre on PSM has grown steadily over the years with some excellent examples appearing in the guise of Night Riders and more recently Racing Line. If however these titles leave you feeling a lack of pure speed then you’ll definitely want to check out Switch Galaxy!

Developer Atomicom have history in this genre, having previously worked on the mighty WipEout series, and it definitely shows here. Not just in the way the game plays but aesthetically – you’d think you were playing a native Vita or PS3 title. The game looks bright and pin sharp at all times, especially when you pick up some serious speed!

Controlling an experimental craft you race between planets collecting Tantalum for the corporation that hired you. Routes between planets contain 4 paths that you can traverse using the D-pad/left stick or by using the touch screen. The good thing about using the touchscreen here is that you only need to tap either side of your craft to move it between paths. The reason you will need to do this is because, as you may have guessed by now, there are enemies and obstacles that conspire to get in your way and halt your progress whether it’s different coloured barriers that slow you down each time you hit them or enemies that steal your points away from you! You do have power ups available through levels that enable you to ghost through barriers or steal points away from enemies. Ramps, buffers and speed pads  as well as the aforementioned power ups all help to get around these obstacles and help you reach your destination in the allotted time. Points then convert into prizes through the shop which has upgrades to your speed, acceleration, shield etc. These help immensely to get further in the game as this is not your average stroll in the park racer. Without enemy A.I. to try and stop you it’s all down to the track designs and this is perfectly pitched to give you a few headaches along your journey.

Everyone should add Switch Galaxy to their gaming library as it is one of the best racers available on Vita and is simply peerless on PSM.

Title: Switch Galaxy
Developer: Atomicom
Type: Racing
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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