100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 21. Rymdkapsel

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 021 - Rymdkapsel

On the surface Rymdkapsel looks deceptively simple, but don’t let the looks fool you as here lies a fantastic strategy game that is easy to pick up but hard to put down.

You start off with a tutorial that takes you through the basic premise of the game. Expanding your space station and the crew is covered as you use different resources to build your space station’s rooms and corridors that are all represented by Tetris like shapes that fit together to form your space station. Enemies are also covered briefly as you will encounter them at set points throughout the game. A timer at the bottom of the screen shows you how long you have left before you are attacked. Eventually after the tutorial is over you are left to go your own way and expand your space station in whichever direction you choose and possibly reach those obelisks, which hold upgrades for your station and crew once they have been researched! Or you could just see how far you can get against the enemies that grow stronger and more ruthless every wave!

There are a couple of other modes and these add variety and a new challenge once you have learnt the ropes from the main game so there’s enough to keep you going a for a long while yet.

Rymdkapsel is one of the deepest strategy games on PSM and is a great game to eat away those hours!

Title: Rymdkapsel
Developer: Martin Jonasson
Type: Strategy
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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