100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 19. iBomber Defense

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 019 - iBomber Defense

Tower Defense games are among my favourites. I enjoy the strategy and the last man standing feel these games have as you alone take on the enemy with limited resources and no help. So I pounced on iBomber defense as soon as it was available through PSM and I’ve never looked back!

The game has you planted in a World War 2 setting as an Allied Commander protecting what look admittedly like sheds, but are in reality Allied HQ’s, from enemy waves that consist of troops and many assorted vehicles from Jeeps to Tanks, Aircraft and Naval Vessels. To this end you have a selection of defense towers available to deploy wherever you see fit to cause maximum destruction. Different towers specialise against certain types of enemy and can be upgraded to provide more health and firepower. This though will cost you so it is a good job that you earn money from vanquished opponents as well as bonuses for clean waves. So far so tower defensey!

However the game really goes one further with the addition of counter attack missions and air raids on your positions which really scramble things up and the only shame is that these surprises don’t happen often enough throughout the game as they force you to change your tactics mid battle which is an excellent addition and keeps things fresh.

All in all EA has bought us a fantastic tower defense game that is easy to pick up and extremely hard to put down and it is every bit as good, or even better in some cases, as some of the Vita’s own native Tower Defense titles but if you only need one then this is definitely the one for you!

Title: iBomber Defense
Developer: Chillingo
Type: Tower Defense
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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