100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 17. Cardboard Castle

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 017 - Cardboard Castle

Imagine a world made from cardboard, paper and string. Now Imagine that the world in question is not Littlebigplanet as you initially thought, but a 2D action/adventure world set in a fairy tale land of Knights and castles. Within this world though there is a game reminiscent of the point and click style and it’s really rather good!

From Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd, Cardboard Castle has you guiding a brave and fearless knight on a quest to save a princess from an evil monster! You guide the knight by using your environment and some other worldly tools such as Scissors and water to remove the obstacles and solve the puzzles that prevent the knight from progressing further. Hidden in each scenario are hint tokens that can be used to help you in your quest should you become flummoxed. Each scenario can be completed in a matter of minutes but its getting around the puzzles first time that will test your brain power and logic skills. But do not worry if you go wrong as you also have the ability to rewind your decisions to start completely from scratch or from a certain point that your grand plan failed you. It is this ability to experiment that allows you to just go ahead and try things out if you are completely stuck, without the penalty of failing the level and starting from the beginning.

Cardboard Castle is one of my personal favourite PSM titles that will keep you entertained for hours on end and is a great value proposition for anyone looking for a challenge!

Title: Cardboard Castle
Developer: Advance Mobile Applications Ltd
Type: Puzzle
PlayStation TV Compatible: No

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