100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 15. Sea Run

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 015 - Sea Run

I’m not a huge fan of endless runners, I find it hard to see their appeal and I don’t understand how other people find them exciting and addictive. That’s not to say that I dismiss them, I just don’t see the point. So when I first heard of Sea Run It wasn’t sounding like my cup of tea!

Having played a fair few endless runners that push you into buying items and powerups you could say that my attitude towards the genre in general has been apathetic at best. Bit.Trip Runner 2 being the shining light for me even thoughI know it’s technically not an ENDLESS runner. So it’s fair to say that Sea Run had a mountain to climb to convince me to bother.

Once I had laid eyes upon a couple of screenshots though I wanted to learn more. Was that a Gameboy screenshot? This simple thought intrigued me and so I dug a little deeper to find that the games overall look is straight from what yu would expect from a Gameboy right down to the grey borders and little tiny red power light off to the side. This of course was enough for me to proclaim this as the best endless runner going as I (like many of you I imagine) did own a Gameboy back in the day!

But lets not forget the gameplay which is as simple as any endless runner going but crucially it doesn’t attempt to shoehorn any power ups or cheats into the gameplay to ‘enhance’ or ruin it. Of course this isn’t a free to play offering so your not going to be pestered to buy anything and that’s why I love Sea Run it’s simple but extremely fun without any extras. It’s what endless runners should be and I have to say It’s been quite addictive!

Sea Run is quite possibly the easiest thing you can pick up and play and you may just become as addicted as the rest of us!

Title: Sea Run
Developer: TACS Games
Type: Endless Runner
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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